Recommended Web Hosting Companies 2021 provides information on hosting companies. We help you to find a host better than SiteGround, GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, and more.

Why does this site exist?

This site exists because unethical web hosting affiliate sites exist.

Have you ever searched the internet for web hosting providers and found yourself bombarded with "Top 10 Lists" of the same hosts over and over again? All those sites are listing the "usual suspects" as their top providers simply because they pay top dollar commissions.

HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, FatCow, and more. These hosts pay the highest commissions per referral so they tend to be recommended as the "best web host" with perfect ratings despite their bad overall performance.

Are you a current customer of any of these big hosts? Is your website slow or have you recently dealt with bad customer support? This site aims to help customers like YOU to find a new home for your websites.

So do you not use affiliate links at all?

We have to make money to keep this site running. Full disclosure, we have affiliate links for all hosts mentioned on this site, sometimes even for the hosts we do not recommend and are offering alternatives for. Neither our affiliate status nor a host's affiliate commission rates affect our posts or our recommendations.

We don't make any money from views or clicks. We only give out recommendations and we do not force hosts onto you. Whether you make a purchase or not is entirely your decision.

If a good hosting company offered $20 commissions we would still recommend them as an alternative to a top dog even if the latter offered $120 commission per referral.

Then what sets this apart from the other web hosting affiliate sites?

We offer alternatives to all the big web hosting companies that have: 1) outright bad performance, 2) decent performance but you could get the same service for a lower cost elsewhere.

This site is largely meant to promote hosting businesses that are credible, performant and active in customer support. Small, medium, big hosting companies - size does not matter as long as these three main criteria are met. We absolutely do not recommend fly-by-night operations. We don't recommend scam outfits. We don't recommend hosts who condone illegal activities.

Again, we don't allow commission rates to affect our opinion:

Good host, low affiliate payout? Recommended.
Bad host, low affiliate payout? Not recommended.

Good host, high affiliate payout? Recommended.
Bad host, high affiliate payout? Not recommended.