DownTownHost Alternatives 2021

DownTownHost had a great reputation in the past. Recently however, their servers have started going down one by one and customers have found themselves unable to get their files and also unable to contact DownTownHost's support. If you're a DownTownHost customer, it's a good idea to find a new host now.

DownTownHost Alternatives

DownTownHost used to be a well-regarded web hosting company. Just recently, many DownTownHost customers have reported that their sites have gone down and that DownTownHost's support has been unreachable. Furthermore, DownTownHost's owner Jorge Catena seems to have gone missing. Some have speculated that his disappearance is due to COVID-19 but there is no proof of this. Either way, him being unresponsive is not a good sign and DownTownHost customers should start moving to alternative web hosting companies sooner rather than later.