GoDaddy Alternatives 2021

GoDaddy is one of the biggest web hosting and domain providers in the world. Unfortunately, GoDaddy is more interested in spending their money on Superbowl ads and other marketing tactics rather than improving their infrastructure and customer support. Moving away from GoDaddy? Check out our alternatives.

GoDaddy Alternatives

Everyone who's ever thought of making a website has heard of GoDaddy. They have ads everywhere and their name is basically a household name. GoDaddy however has a bad track record and year after year they continue to prove that they are only interested in making money, not making their customers happy.

GoDaddy's introductory offers are decently priced, but when your renewal date comes you'll quickly realize that you've been had their rates balloon to more than double upon renewal. Many GoDaddy customers are displeased not only with their their services but also with their pricing, and are now looking for GoDaddy alternatives. Take a look at our list of recommended web hosts below to find a replacement for GoDaddy's hosting service.